Woman Identifies Herself As Brittany Renee Williams, 7-Year-Old Who Went Missing 20 Years Ago

Cover picture for the articleA woman identifying herself as Brittany Renee Williams, the 7-year-old girl who went missing in Virginia 21 years ago, has come forward saying she has the DNA proof to confirm her identity. Now located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, she goes by the name Kaylynn Stevenson, NBC 12 reports. Prior...

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Adrienne Ijioma

They probably lied about her having AIDS to get more money from foster care. How many stories have come up recently of children being treated for cancer and other illnesses that turned out to be the parent doing things to make them sick and apparently give false reads to their tests. I wondered how the medical "professionals " could medicate or do surgery on healthy children. That's why when I go to the doctor, I give them a general idea of my problem. If I say I have an ear infection, they will just look for that, write a script and send me on my way. Be a doctor. Test and figure it out. Why should I pay $$$$ for a self-diagnosis? This case would be a prime example. How was she taking meds at 7 years old for such a critical disease to be found years later without it? There will likely be a long trail of jaded people who dropped the ball and let that 7 year old fall through many cracks. Sad. Child Protective Services is itself in need of Protect Services to come in and clean it out. R


She sure does look like that pretty girl. May be that the AIDS was a scam. Regardless, the DNA is all the confirmation she needs!


All the people in this comment section are trash. Playing junior CSI investigators, saying the woman isn't the same at the child in the picture, and they're only proof is the pictures in this article. AS IF PEOPLE DONT GROW UP AND FEATURES DON'T CHANGE. 🙄 I don't look exactly my all my childhood photos does that mean I replaced someone else during my childhood? If there was an article saying the sky was blue the same people in this comment section would argue, debate, and deny that the sky is blue.


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