Steph Curry Speaks On Why Players Haven't Been Pushing For COVID-19 Vaccine: "There’s A Huge Locker Room Aspect To It..."

Cover picture for the articleWith the NBA season right around the corner, one would think that conversations would entail discussions about the game itself and how each team, and their respective players, will adjust to new challenges. Instead, the headlines have been dominated by the growing anti-vaxx controversy by some players in the...

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Texas Folks

Never advocate for something that may cause harm to someone. Not one single person alive can say what this vaccine can or will do for every single person. There are plenty of people in the grave right now who listened to someone advocating for this vaccine. So EVERYONE should decide for themselves. It's not their job to persuade a person to the right or left because they might do more damage than good to a family.

Joe Coffee

People don't fully trust a new vaccine. It shouldn't be a surprise unless you're naïve. Plus, athletes are not typically in any risk group, as they are extremely healthy. Why is Stephanie spilling the tea?

Paul Feasal

Technically the choice is not theirs. The league is forcing them to get vaccinated or they pay the price. Even the Players Union called the move out and said it was illegal.


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