WOW: Canada Just Announced That All Travelers Will Be Required To Be Fully Vaccinated Even To Travel Domestically

Cover picture for the articleI travel to 20+ countries a year sharing my firsthand knowledge of reward travel, travel credit card deals, travel tips and more. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced that all travelers must be vaccinated, even those traveling domestically. At 39:25 in the video below, the Prime Minister announces: “Mandatory vaccination on...

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user from LA 25

This is lunacy. A new “peer reviewed study: published last month in the European Journal of Epidemiology, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal, examined 168 countries and 2,947 counties in the United States and concluded that higher vaccination rates are not associated with fewer COVID cases. Guess our leaders are refusing to study the data. UC David and U of Wisconsin have some good viral load studies. Qatar has a good study saying that the vaccine drops to 20% effective after 4 months. Please educate yourselves. These leaders must be getting paid

Wanda Sciarrino

Evil people are running this planet. Looks like they are trying to kill and destroy as much as they can.

Jennifer Morrison

Psychopaths, BOTH of them! How is mass murder Fauci even still breathing & walking? none of the vaxs are FDA approved here in the states, I've got the video where a lady called asking about the shots & the lady vaccines are FDA approved! they can Kramer it where the sun don't shine😁


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