Kirsten Dunst Doesn’t Like White Kitchens

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy

Cover picture for the articleKirsten Dunst knows what she likes. “I don’t like featured walls and I don’t like white kitchens and I don’t like open-concept. How about that?” The actress, 39, told Architectural Digest. “Give me a room where I can shut a door.”. Dunst brought that aesthetic to life in the...

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I share the same attitude with Kirsten and her decorator as the pieces are interesting as well as beautiful. Most people today prefer disposable furniture that is not going to last more than 5 years, destined for the landfill, all the while spouting how green they are with electric cars and other pieces that won’t last. Well built hand crafted furniture lasts forever. I inherited some pieces from my great grandparents when I was a teenager and only bought quality items that I love. You can always change pillows, window coverings accessories if you want to freshen up the room but the pieces are good bones for the room.


white kitchens look like mental wards. its just tacky and impossible to keep clean.


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