If You Notice This at a Restaurant, Don't Eat There, Virus Experts Warn

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For a year and half, many of us have traded takeout, delivery, and cooking at home for meals out at restaurants, which closed their indoor dining spaces to prevent the spread of COVID. But as more and more restaurants have welcomed customers back for indoor dining with COVID-19 case numbers improving...

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Why does anyone care what Fauci has to say? Every other word out of his mouth is a lie, or just an uneducated guess that turns out to be wrong. Either way, Fauci needs to be fired and replaced with a real expert, one that doesn't have a financial interest in the disease and vaccines...

Utopian Websurfer

ü can clean up the air in any building just by using an electric HEPA air filtering machine, where the actual filter is sprayed with Lysol on both sides, then put it in the machine & turn it on. it'll start cleaning the air right away & greatly reduce the risk of any airborne infection.

Ricahard Smith

But the CDC boss man has clearly told Everyone that Covid is not an airborne virus?It's spread by slavia spit and body fluids exchanges and sweat, body contact.?,Wow Now i truly was blind now i see everything clearly !It's ALL TRUTH?I'M SURE OF IT


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