If You're Over 40, This One COVID Symptom Might Never Go Away

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There's still a lot we don't know about COVID-19, but one thing that has become clear is that the novel coronavirus is not always a one-and-done situation. COVID has the ability to reinfect people and leave some survivors with long-term symptoms, known as "long COVID." Lingering symptoms affect anywhere from between...

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Betsy Singh-Anand

Again, post-viral syndrome IS NOTHING NEW. People have suffered from it for goodness knows how long. I spent 48 years recovering from a severe case of mono, and it wasn't until I fired all the "doctors" and found a top-notch naturopathic physician until I finally regained my full health.

let the liberals cry

how about the long term effects from the vaccine, that's right you don't know cause it has only been 1 year of research

Gangadai Simonsen

I have not take is vaccine, never got sick, living a normal life-- the only difference is that am eating more healthy and am more active-- our immune system, can take of all sickness, if we take care of our mind, body and spirit-- what we eat can keep us healthy, or destroy us-- the game is to eat healthy, be active, and grateful to life-- this covid, is another way to control population, and people.


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