Mother of 2 dies from blood clots after getting COVID-19 vaccine

Cover picture for the articleSEATTLE (KING) - A woman in Washington state died from a rare blood clotting syndrome after getting the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Health officials say this is the first death of its kind in the state. Jessica Berg Wilson, a 37-year-old mother of two, died Sept. 7 from...

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Bonnie Busch

This is just one of the stories that made it through the government censorship. More of these need to be put out there. We need to stand up for ourselves. Only we need to be the only ones to decide if we need a vaccine. Not the government forcing it on us.

Darlene Clark

she Died 12 days after the vax, I'm sure she will go on record as died unvaccinated. So wrong! And they say rare, that it's only 3 people died from blood clots, more lies, I've seen quite a few more news articles than 3, and no it's not the same three. Such lies.

joe Smith

tons of people are dying from the new jab but its very rare yeah just like the people who died from covid ill take my chances with an air born virus over some death shot any day


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