New video appears to show Jaguars coach Urban Meyer touch a woman's backside at Ohio bar

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Cover picture for the articleA second video surfaced Monday that appears to show Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer touching a woman's backside in a restaurant bar. The video appears to be from the same event in Columbus, Ohio, where a video surfaced Saturday on Twitter that showed Meyer sitting in a chair...

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Abdullah Sharif

I'm sorry but I don't see that in this video. I see an uncomfortable man trying to keep a woman from rubbing against his private area. He probably should have just left but he looks very uncomfortable and not like he is enjoying himself. People are the worst. Why would they put this implication out like this!

Steve Winland

Here we go again with making a big deal out of nothing That's between him and his wife and noone else Whoever turned that video in just wants attention Sadly they're getting it grow up and get a life


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