334 Fully Vaccinated Indiana Residents Have Died Of COVID-19; 39,000 Breakthrough Cases Recorded

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleMore than 300 fully vaccinated individuals in Indiana have died of COVID-19, while over 39,000 vaccinated people have suffered breakthrough infections, according to the state’s health department. Indiana health officials have recorded 334 breakthrough COVID-19 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data updated on Sept. 30....

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Joe Marks

More misguided lies to try to convince you to get these shots. Their using psychology to get more people on board to comply. Actually there's been many that have reported family deaths, strokes, and other severe issues related to the injections. You won't get that info on the news or these adds because the media has been bought out and bribed into the biggest global lie I've ever seen yet.

Diana Anderson

One of the things most of us were taught... Is to always consider the source... You have an FDA that receives the majority of it's budget from BIG PHARMA... You have FAUCI the head of The National Institute For Allergies and Infectious Disease.. who is complicit in the possible development of Gain Of Function Research.. And you have A President that lied bold face to the public... When he said these vaccines will prevent you from getting Covid... A president that made these vaccines his number 1 priority from the day he took office... and has committed to this beyond any common sense or reason.... to the point of being divisive and threatening .Mandating these vaccines.(vaccines he said he would not mandate)... even though they aren't even doing what he said they will do...There is an old saying... " People will often show you who they are... the problem is that most will refuse to believe it...

Ty Joseph

how we not know is not the vaccine that's killing them and they blaming it on breakthrough Cases...people stop taking this poison...


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