The Perfect Blockbuster Trade: Ben Simmons To The New York Knicks For 5 Players And 5 Picks

Cover picture for the articleBen Simmons is a player who has been featured in many trade rumors, and there is no doubt that he wants out from the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers haven't decided to trade him yet though, and it seems as though they're holding out for better offers than what they've been...

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Michaelangelo Anthony Perez

crack kills who came up with this ridiculous trade scenario 🙄...Ben Simmons is great but not for all of knicks talent plus draft picks..foh son!!

Walter Carrasco

He is a good player used the wrong way. not a Guard but they make him one. He have to practice is free throws. He is not the only one ad that problem. just because it was the play off he lost is confident. When if you ever play any sport you don't go true bad streches.


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