Report: “Dark Horse” Team Named For Deshaun Watson

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The Spun
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Deshaun Watson will most likely have to wait until his legal situation gets sorted out before he takes another snap in the NFL. That doesn’t mean he can’t be traded, though. The Miami Dolphins have been considered the frontrunner for Watson if he does get shipped out of Houston....

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I'm a Dolphins fan. I admit that as an NFL quarterback, Watson is one of the best and he is definitely a franchise quarterback that could lead a team to a Super Bowl victory. No argument on this point. However, I personally do not think very highly of Watson as a person. Guilty or not, no one knows for sure in the public eye if he is guilty or not, but just the fact that he has been alleged to have committed over 20 crimes against women troubles me personally. And any team that wants him is being very cautious and waiting to see what is going to happen which if it does, he may be facing criminal charges, a possible jail sentence, and a suspension from the NFL. So to give much for uncertainty at this point is not a good move. His situation will just have to play itself out and teams will have to wait. If he is guilty, I personally could not respect him nor would I want him on my team.


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