Carrie Underwood delivers heartwarming news - and she can't wait

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Cover picture for the articleCarrie Underwood delighted fans with news she couldn't wait to share with them on Tuesday. The country music superstar took to Instagram to make a big announcement and her social media followers were so excited. The mother-of-two revealed she'll be performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee,...

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Barbara Cole

that's awesome getting to letting the boys be boys so many people are holding them back and its nice to see little kids out enjoying their so user awesome parents god bless you all and stay safe

Linda Saber

I would love to see her in Nashville, I live about 45 minutes from there, but I'm a 71 year old, vaccinated person who is terrified to be around that many people. If the world was right I'd be there. have a wonderful night to all!

Amber Wingfield

My ex boyfriend went to college with her in Tahlequah. He said she believed certain buildings on the campus were haunted and took a recorder with her in one of the buildings to see if a ghost would talk to her. He said she was really into that kind of stuff and paranormal movies.


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