Leah Remini Accuses Ellen DeGeneres Of 'Acting Interested' Before Hitting Her On Talk Show

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleLeah Remini guested on Ellen DeGeneres' popular talk show Tuesday and called out the host for her responses, accusing her of "acting interested" before hitting her. During her appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the "King of Queens" alum got into the Halloween spirit by quipping the 63-year-old host that "it's...

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I'm all for fun and games, but why would you want to scare your kid like that? Doesn't sound like fun to me in any way. Leah is also known to have a potty mouth. I watched her reality series as well as the A & E programs she did on Scientology. The woman was cussing all over the place -- even sometimes in front of her daughter. I stopped watching both programs because of this. Someone needs to tell her to clean up her mouth.

Hugh Moore

it takes all kind to. make this world spin, as an Actress Leah is OK, her Private life is hers, she brings to life some hidden Truths,that Good,


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