Brian Laundrie's sister, Cassie, breaks her silence and says her parents' lawyer advised them not to talk to her

  • A video showed Cassie Laundrie and her husband fielding questions about her brother's case.
  • Laundrie and her husband, James Luycx, live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.
  • She said she answered questions so that the protesters would leave her property.
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Brian Laundrie's sister, Cassie, on Monday fielded questions from a small group of protesters on her lawn who she said were making her children upset.

"This is not what we want to be doing," Cassie Laundrie said. "This is not how we want the world to find out when we're angry and upset. But I can't have my kids be crying for three days in a row."

In an 18-minute video shared with NewsNation , she spoke about Brian Laundrie's disappearance and the death of Gabby Petito, his fiancée.

Cassie Laundrie and her husband, James Luycx, live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, about 35 miles north of her parents' home in North Port, Fox 13 reported in September .

The video was taken by a man who claimed to know the Petito family, the NewsNation report said.

Cassie Laundrie said her parents' lawyer, Steven Bertolino, had advised them not to speak to anyone, including her. She added that they had not been in contact.

Bertolino has told CNN that the Laundries were at a campground on September 6 and 7 and left together.

Cassie Laundrie said she didn't know that Petito was missing when her family joined her parents and her brother at the campground on September 6. She added that she, Luycx, and their children stayed there from 2 to 8 p.m. on September 6 but left because the kids had school the next day.

"I'm in the boat where I'm getting ignored by my family and thrown under the bus by my family's lawyer," she said.

She added that she first learned Petito was missing on September 11, while she was on vacation in Orlando, when she received a call from a detective working with Petito's mother.

Cassie Laundrie said she had been unable to contact her brother since that day.

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On Sept 6th when they all got together at the campsite, she claims she didn’t know that Petito was missing, so did she not wonder where she was? Did she not ask her brother “Hey I noticed your live-in-girlfriend is not here, the one that is with you 24/7, you know glued at the hip?” Why are they not ask her those questions?


harrassment is a real thing. It's illegal. Why are these people allowed to be harrassing this family this way. Regardless of what we all believe her brother did, harrassment is wrong. Her children deserve to be safe. Was Gabby really the kind of person who would want this harrassment? I don't know, but I bet she would not

Diana May

you can't blame the sister she did not have any thing to do with it she is innocent now that her brother is Dead the next thing is to get the mom and dad and charge them for gabby's death because they are as GILTY of protecting their son who killed gabby and they didn't tell the law about it!!!


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