RUMOR: Ben Simmons’ real reason for trade demand to Sixers, according to Rich Paul

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A lot has been said about the Ben Simmons drama surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers. Fans and experts alike have theorized as to why Simmons is so against going back to the Sixers, with some pointing out and claiming that the comments made by Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid after the 2021...

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I loveit!!!!!!! Let this heartless arrogant Scumbag sit and lose his money from fines!!He's a joke around the league anyway, and he lost Kendall Jenner 😀👍🏽

Styme Love

Why doesn’t Philly and Portland just get together and trade Simmons for McCollum? Clearly both Players have not panned out with their teammates.... By bringing McCollum to Philly they’ll get that shooter that Embiid needs to work his magic in the Post without being double teamed for fear that McCollum will light things up on the perimeter and Portland will get a ball handling Top 5 Defensive player that Portland needs to make Stops in the loaded Western Conference. He can be that Scottie Pippen type of player that Dame needs to work his magic..,


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