CBS reportedly canceled Katie Couric's CBS This Morning interview after reading her bombshell book

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Couric, who anchored CBS Evening News from 2006 to 2011, calls out former CBS boss Les Moonves in her book Going There for trying to push her back to...

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KP Hoyer Newport Coast

Wonder WHY this woman Katie Couric was popular at one time. She has No talent. No beauty. No charming. Like Connie Chung, during the interview, Couric always jumps right into people's mouths after asking them a question. She probably slept with someone to help herself climb up the ladder. She needs to be retired and let the younger generation take over.

Anthony Lago

Katie Couric is another one of those bitter over the hill miserable unsufferable closeted "Karen" feminist, who's life is filled with Envy, Jealousy and maliciousness. A female like her will die with a frown on her face because she has no peace of mind and because she is miserable her life is filled with nothing but hate and a willingness to make everyone else around her miserable. So to all you feminists who trying to live the life with the mindset like men and ALWAYS in competition with that attitude, this is your future; what do you think the "Karen's" of this world are so destructive, friendless, bitter, miserable, towards other people.

Colette Hardaman

Katie has come up through the ranks, and more than paid her dues in her field after decades of work. Her petite size, and looks held her image as a co-host a long time. She's become more like a journalist asking questions and expressing herself. I do find it annoying when she clips someone's response time, not giving enough pause; or interrupts. I think it's all too common on most networks today for hosts to be the showman. The best hosts are the ones who let the guest say their piece before speaking again. Don't be like a teenager. Be an adult with manners.


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