MMA's Justin Thornton Dead At 38, Weeks After Violent KO Loss

Cover picture for the articleTragic news ... MMA fighter, Justin Thornton, has died at 38 years old, just weeks after he was violently knocked out in an August fight. Thornton was seriously hurt after Dillon Cleckler KO'ed him during a Bare Knuckle...

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Rey Rodriguez

So they're saying that they are unsure if that K.O.had anything related to his death . I'm not a doctor but hell even I know that if you're going to take hits to the head for 24 bare knuckle fights,losing 18 of them. Then let me make it clear for you dumbasses that aren't sure.HEEEELLLLL YES.

Tony Walls

I don’t agree with bare knuckle fighting !! In my opinion , I think it needs to be outlawed. Cause for the safety of all fighters in the sport. We don’t need the bare knuckle fights. Period.

Chuppa Doo

Christ, look at how the athletes from these types of sports end up, boxers, fighters, football players, hockey players and so on. If they don’t end up dying young, they end up with Parkinson’s or dementia when they get older, among other things. We’ve known this for a very long time. I hope the money and entertainment are worth it.


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