WATCH: Rare Fireball Meteor Lights Up Colorado Skies

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Coloradans were treated to an incredible sight in the sky on early Sunday morning.

According to CBS4 , a fireball streaked across the sky at around 4:30 A.M. for all of Colorado to see.

According to NASA, a fireball is an extraordinarily bright meteor and while they occur every day all over the Earth, it’s actually very rare for us to witness them in action.

Thanks to Evergreen resident Josh Ellis , CBS4 was able to share videos of the fireball meteor lighting up his neighborhood . According to Ellis, the light was so bright that it charged their solar lights.

“Everything was pitch dark, and all of a sudden it lit up as if it was a brightly lit moon,” Wellington Andrew Fisher told CBS4 .

The American Meteor Society received 41 reports about the fireball on Sunday and several people described hearing a boom.

“So, this means this was actually descending very deep,” Chris Peterson , who works at the Cloudbait Observatory in Guffey told CBS4 . “10 or 20 miles may not seem very close to the ground, but when we think about typical burning stars, we’re seeing things that are burning up 60 to 70 miles high.”

Peterson said about 90 to 95 percent of the fireball meteor will turn to dust and pieces range from gravel-sized to baseball-size will likely fall to the ground.

“[It’s] an amazing little piece of nature that you should relish having seen.”

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