Snoop Dogg says Prince Harry, Prince William ‘are my boys’ after learning the royals were fans

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Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSnoop Dogg has friends in high places. The American rapper revealed that he is pals with Prince William and Prince Harry after he learned the royals were fans. "Harry and William are my boys," the 49-year-old recently told U.K.’s Mirror. "As soon as I knew they were fans I reached out...

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Dixie Beam

I agree she's the only one talking about color of her son color of skin. it shouldn't matter & the only time she talks about color is when she wants someone on her side. 1 think I would like to say & that it's a shame when she's using color of her skin & as far as Megan knew when she met Harry that things would be different if they were to marry Harry, she would have rules to follow, &she didn't obey even 1. She didn't courtesy to the Queen,didn't obey any rules, like holding hands in public, kissing in public & more,& if Harry loved the Queen he wouldn't let Megan treat her like she does Harry should be ashamed of his self. But he had to have a woman telling him what to do cause he can't do anything without her & she is clearly NOT ANYTHING LIKE PRINCESS DIANA.

Kay Evans

snoop i hope you never tret your parent the way mooching meg has treated hers. i certainty wish on no one you own daughter treats you like she has her dad. by the way meg is only black when she needs the black community standing behind her after that shes white again. i hope you get markled


So a Gold Digger found her Pot of Gold in Great Britain and destroyed two families and divided a nation at the same time. Typical story of a man thinking with the wrong head. I see a divorce in their future or a suicide from a woman who has issues.


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