‘Bridgerton’ Emmy winner Marc Pilcher dead at 53 of COVID-19

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Cover picture for the articleHair and makeup artist Marc Pilcher died of COVID-19 on Sunday at the age of 53. He was double vaccinated and had no underlying health conditions, according to his agency Curtis Brown. “It is with the deepest of hearts we confirm that Marc Elliot Pilcher, Academy Award Nominee and...

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richard feinstein

What is wrong with you people. A man died and all you can write is able your false politically motivated conspiracy theories. My mother died of is real. Get your damn is not a cure all but it is quite effective and has saved many lives. Most people severely hospitalized or dying nowadays are unvaciinated, despite the relatively low breakthrough cases. Rest in peace to this gentleman who past of this horrible disease and my heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends. Don't listen to these morons because, as Jesus said, they know not what they do. And to these people, express you sympathies and not your moronic ideologies!

Mark Albert

See what I mean? It was probably the vaccine that killed him because his immune system probably collapsed! They’re only going to mention a few breakthrough cases trying to validate a point.


Wait!! Double vaccinated? But that’s impossible…..double vaccinated is the end all, at least that’s what the left says…so, by this evidence, this means that people can still die, even with the vaccine…double dosed.


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