’90 Day Fiance’: Is Michael Ilesanmi Using Angela Deem? Truth Revealed

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Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have had an unbelievable relationship since they stepped onto the 90 Day Fiance scene. Yet, they have managed to overcome a lot together, and Deem was always looking for an egg to tote. The one question on many people’s minds was: does Michael love her or...

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Janice Briggs

No Michael is to good for Angela besides if she behave like this now what will she do later on in the future. Move on Michael and start your life over because life is too short being unhappy all the time. Janice Briggs

Carmina Levario

Of course he is !! That’s why he puts up with everything and anything she says or does .. He is going to use the excuse that he wants children to leave her once he gets his papers by her ..

Connie Benfield

No, this story is boring. Its not about LOVE, ITS ABOUT MONEY. Angela is OLD NEWS and Micheal needs to find a GOOD WOMAN. Who respects his culture and him. If he wants to come to America and be happy, he's gotta get rid of Angela. She's no good for him. He deserves better. He need to stop saying he's sorry to her, he did nothing wrong, actually she should be the one apologizing to him.


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