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Oakland Observer
Oakland Observer

(OAKLAND, CA) Sun alert! Get out and take advantage of the sun today with one of these unique ideas, or use them as inspiration for your own planning with our four-day forecast, based on NWS data.

Have a picnic: Especially in the era of COVID-19 restrictions, a novel way to safely engage in the beloved pastime of a shared meal can be hard to find. Why not get creative and meet a friend somewhere pretty with a basketful of snacks and a blanket? Risk levels should always be taken into account along with advice from health authorities on gathering sizes.

Try a new hobby: Let’s face it — starting a new hobby can be frustrating at times, even hard, and that can be a disincentive to getting out of our comfort zones. There aren’t many better ways to bust through that barrier than knowing that at least you’ll be warm and comfortable while you take a shot at rollerblading, bouldering, or whatever your next pursuit may be.

Take a walk and try a food truck: Anyone who lives in a city has had the feeling of wondering why they don’t know the various neighborhoods better. A great way to get out and sample what your local community has to offer while enjoying the fresh air is to take a walk and grab a bite.

Along with a sunny Sunday, here’s the rest of the four-day forecast for Oakland:

  • Sunday, October 3

    Sunny during the day; while mostly clear overnight

    • High 82 °F, low 58 °F
    • Breezy: 1 to 7 mph
  • Monday, October 4

    Mostly sunny during the day; while partly cloudy overnight

    • High 77 °F, low 56 °F
    • Breezy: 3 to 7 mph
  • Tuesday, October 5

    Partly sunny during the day; while mostly cloudy overnight

    • High 69 °F, low 57 °F
    • Light wind
  • Wednesday, October 6

    Mostly Cloudy

    • High 66 °F, low 56 °F
    • Light wind

This forecast was created automatically using NWS data.

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