R&B Singer Sparkle, Who Spoke Out Against R. Kelly Decades Ago, Responds To His Conviction

Cover picture for the articleR&B singer Sparkle, who has been speaking out against R. Kelly for decades, is breathing a sigh of relief following the 54-year-old's sex crimes convictions on Monday. Speaking with The Cut, Sparkle said she covered her eyes and bawled with joy when she learned about the verdict. The artist,...

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Francine Molock-Osborne

Yes R Kelly was talented and successful in the music industry, I think the parents of some of these young ladies that were being exploited should be charged and convicted as well because the parents had to know that something wasn’t right and I believe some of the parents was making a profit off their daughters.

Calculated Thoughts

LET ME STATE SOME FACTS ABOUT R. KELLY'S CHARGES!!! 1-The government charged him with RACKETEERING which BASICALLY means THAT HE WAS A ONE MAN CRIME WAVE RUNNING A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE! 2- Why wasn't HARVEY WEINSTEIN charged with RACKETEERING? 3-The government also ACCUSED R. Kelly of becoming a famous singer and very rich entertainer just to prey on women and girls! THESE FACTS are in the court transcripts!📄 4- Whites running the JUDICIAL SYSTEM HISTORICALLY HAVE ALWAYS OVER CHARGED BLACK PEOPLE! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BLACK MEN AND WOMEN ARE STILL SERVING 30 AND 40 YEARS FOR BEING IN POSSESSION OF SMALL AMOUNTS OF CRACK COCAINE?? 5-Just like JACK JOHNSON, the first black heavy weight boxing champ of the world, ( 1909) THEY COULDN'T BEAT HIM IN THE RING, SO WHITES CREATED A LAW JUST FOR HIM CALLED THE "MANN ACT" which means transporting WOMEN OVER STATE LINES FOR "IMMORAL PURPOSES"! ( He was known for traveling around the COUNTRY with WHITE WOMEN!! 📚

Natalie C.

Noone wanted to listen to sparkle years ago, she's the only one that had been speaking about this since it involved her underage niece. They all told her she was crazy well she wasn't was she....Granite he made good music but I do not like what he has done.


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