Tim Tebow fires back at Paul Finebaum's criticism of Clemson
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Clemson has seen major struggles to begin the 2021 season. The Tigers are 2-2 on the year after a double overtime loss to a quality NC State team in Week 4.

Clemson’s offense has not been good to start the year, and that resulted in ESPN’s Paul Finebaum laying into Clemson’s struggles, going as far to say as the Dabo Swinney dynasty is over.

Giving up on Clemson is ‘absolutely absurd’

Tim Tebow does not agree with Finebaum’s notion. And Tebow fired back at Finebaum’s comments on Friday.

“Listen, I love Paul,” Tebow said on ESPN’s First Take. “I have had a chance to do SEC Nation with him for the last eight years, but what are we talking about. C’mon. It’s two losses. You lost to Georgia and NC State. Two good football teams, but to say they aren’t part of the cool kids anymore, go ask all the five-star recruits. Let’s just be honest. Go look at all the people that are falling in love with Clemson.

“Go look at how they are raising money right now. Go look at how they are building a program. Go look at how other schools are going to Clemson to see how they do their marketing, how they do their facilities, all of this because they are getting all these recruits because everyone is falling in love with Dabo, falling in love with the program.”

Tebow went on to say that giving up on Clemson after two losses is a failure to actually pay attention to the entire process. Even though things have not started well this season, Tebow still believes in Dabo Swinney as one of college football’s best coaches.

“Yes, they lost two games but to say they are done, that’s just not watching, evaluating, looking at the program,” Tebow said. “It’s looking at the result of two games, but that is not the entire process. Listen, Dabo is still one of the best coaches in college football. He’s had a crazy amount of success for the last decade, and to say they are done cause they lose two games, it’s absolutely absurd.”

Finebaum’s thoughts on Clemson’s struggles

While Tebow still believes in Dabo Swinney, Finebaum thinks his time running a Clemson dynasty is over.

“Dabo’s dynasty is done,” stated Finebaum. “I do not like anything I see there … they lost one coach (Jeff Scott) a couple years ago to USF, I think that was a big loss. This is a staff that has always been together, but I think it’s getting stale.

“Yes, recruiting is still good — but will it be elite after what we just got through watching? It just doesn’t look like Clemson is part of the cool kids anymore. I think they’re going to pay for it in recruiting. And they play in a terrible league which will hurt them even more.”

Clemson has made the College Football Playoff six seasons in a row. That will not be the case this season.

“The luster [has] worn off,” Finebaum said Monday on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning. “I think it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens as a result. Clemson was like a comet seven or eight years ago. … I think two or three years from now, we’re going to see this moment being an inflection point, being somewhat of the end of what has been a mini-dynasty at Clemson.”

Clemson gets its first chance to get the season back on track on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET at home against Boston College.

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