MLB World Reacts To Unfortunate Clayton Kershaw News

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The Spun
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On Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers received some tough news about star pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw left Friday night’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers in the top of the second inning. After throwing over 40 pitches in less than two innings of work, an injury that kept him out for...

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Dodgers, just have to come to grips, that Kershaw is not the pitcher, he once was. With the new rules, that limit the amount of pitching changes a manager can make and the apparent, sidelining of Kershaw, for now, it limits the amount of wrong decisions D. Roberts can make. The Dodgers odds of a successful playoff run, just improved. 🥃😎


David Price will be a great fill in , a pitcher that blossoms in October, I would actually like to see David than Kershaw if I had too pick to pitch in playoffs .

Scott D. Kilhenny

Clayton Kershaw is NO Sandy Koufax is NO Clayton Kershaw, each's Man journey different from each other, each a CHAMPION in their OWN Heart and Soul, the BODY has LIMITS, just proves ONLY HUMAN,THAT IS OKAY!! CHOSEN a path in LIFE, LIFE OF VICTORY, LIFE OF DEFEAT, Clayton and Sandy, gave their HEART AND SOUL, Walking upto the mountain,uphill battle not ALONE with eight others by THEIR SIDE,TO VICTORY OF CHAMPION AND BITTER SWEET DEFEAT, LIFE HAS LIMITS AND REWARDS! Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw, SHOWING us ALL,what is like to be HUMAN, the body has LIMITS, need to APPRECIATE, Gave it their ALL IN VICTORY OF CHAMPION! NOT alone in this, your TEAM MATES,ORGANIZATION AND YOUR FAMILY TOO AND OF COURSE YOUR FANS TOO! Clayton Kershaw, learn from Sandy Koufax, measuring your steps in FAITH AND NOT MAN'S ARROGANCE OF FOOLISH PRIDE! GOD BLESS YOU, CLAYTON KERSHAW AND SANDY KOUFAX,BEING THE GENTLEMAN OF THE GAME!


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