Staying Young: Scientists Discover New Enzymatic Complex That Can Stop Cells From Aging

Cover picture for the articleScientists in Montreal discover a new enzymatic complex that can stop cells from aging, opening the way to possible new cancer therapies. Researchers at Université de Montréal and McGill University have discovered a new multi-enzyme complex that reprograms metabolism and overcomes “cellular senescence,” when aging cells stop dividing. In...

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Ashlee Green

hello they keep saying we're over populated so why do we need to stop aging. I say let everyone just kill each other already and watch population drop.

Laurence Nixon

Awe true perfection is living in your prime forever, never experiencing sickness or death. This possibility is within us all.

Kay Hawkins

no need to worry about aging...the next five years will take care of the problem whether it be a massive solar flare as predicted for 2025, one of the Super volcanoes gets angry or those objects flying in our skies that Pentagon says they don't know what they are or we get nuked by China that has us in a slow strangulation. any or all of the above not counting an asteroid or a new varient of covid...maybe even zombies


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