2 Of Akon’s 5 Wives Join Cast Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Cover picture for the articleAkon’s First Wife & Newest Wife Roz Join Cast Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The new season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to be BANANAS. According to multiple sources connected to production, two of R&B singer and philanthropist Akon‘s wives will be appearing on the show....

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frankly speaking

gluttony is a sin too. I wonder if his wives can take additional husband's or are they supposed to be faithful and submissive to only him? Culturally, I believe it's ego. There's no need for a man OR woman to have an additional person w/I "a marriage". 1st if all, symbolically a marriage has traditionally always been between TWO PPL! Religions that approve of multiple partners FOR MEN, are only suited for the purpose of ego.


Wow! Further deterioration of the "Black" family on a national level. Every man can lead his house his way, but American Black people need examples to emulate on our TV programs. Not watching Bravo exploit the plight of "Black" Americans with Akon's cultural values. 1 man, 1 woman🖤


I wouldn't want 5 wives if we was still under that old Biblical mandate. But hey if you married and cheating on your single wife whats the difference? Some men married and have several women on the side. Actrually according to the Bible ounce a man go into a woman thats his wife Biblically speaking


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