Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson Looks Like Pop Royalty in This Candid New Pic From a Vogue Party

Paris Jackson KCS Presse / MEGA.

Paris is without question the ideal city for memorable fashion looks and trying new trends. The Fashion Capital of the World is home to designer shops, boutiques galore, and of course several fashion shows and celebrations throughout the year. At the recent 100 years of Vogue Paris Celebration, Michael Jackson’s eldest child, daughter Paris Jackson, was spotted looking like total pop star royalty in her gorgeous garb, and we loved every bit of it.

The 23-year-old model and musician gave an effortless, contemporary spin on two bold wardrobe pieces. Paris fashioned a long, mustard yellow tulle skirt with black, platform heels and a sparkling corset-style top. The singer’s tattoos were on full display, and she managed to accessorize her look with some rings and delicate bracelets.
Paris Jackson at the 100 years of Vogue Paris celebration KCS Presse / MEGA.

Along with being a burgeoning fashion icon, Paris has really developed her platform and become such an inspiration to her growing fanbase. The young star has been incredibly vulnerable when it comes to reflecting on the loss of her famous father, and grieving in the public eye. She’s also been an advocate for mental health, and discussed her own struggles with total candor and bravery.

At just 23 years old, Paris Jackson has been through so much. Growing up in the spotlight and coming into her own hasn’t been easy, but each time the young star hits a red carpet or public event, we’re assured that the possibilities for her future are endless and bright.

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Mara Martinez

I think she looks just like her father after her bleached his skin. She’s beautiful and Michael was a handsome young man as a boy. Rest In Peace my King🙏🏽

Linda Greene Bullington

Paris Jackson was not conceived by Michael Jackson but, she's legally his daughter along with Prince and Blanket. They might not have Michael Jacksons' DNA but, they're his loving children. Michael loved his children very much. Contrary to belief, he was a very good father and took very good care of his children. They knew that they were loved by their father. R I P MICHAEL JACKSON..YOU'LL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT ARTIST

Flay Vizion

That is not that mans child, they man was black, she is obviously all white not one mixed bone in her!! People are jokes man


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