Gabby Petito Update: New Bodycam Footage Reveals Brian Laundrie Hit The Late 22-Year-Old

Cover picture for the articleIt’s been nearly two weeks since the remains of 22-year-old Gabby Petito were discovered in Grand Teton National Park, but her fiancé, and the main person of interest in her death, Brian Laundrie, is still missing. As the investigation into the YouTuber’s untimely death continues, more and more information...

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Jen W

What I see and hear in the video is a scared girl who is involved in an abusive relationship....police need to be educated on how to recognize domestic violence situations. This is so heartbreaking....I went through a very scary, abusive relationship for a long time, finally got out when a police officer told me if I didn't leave I would end up really really hurt, or dead. I am thankful for that officer to this day...18yrs later.

Laura Rhody

I sincerely hope that the officers are not found negligent for their attempts to reconcile the situation, and the empathetic way they handled the situation. I wish more cops would display the concern and humanity shown here, when handling similar situations.

Heather Henry

why was he taking her phone away from her? And keeping her out of her van? no they shed have not been touching each other at all. But this does not make since the whole story doesn't make since. And he is running for a reason....


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