Nick Saban makes hilarious first-time admission to Miss Terry
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While the dominant storyline around Alabama this week is the top-15 matchup against Ole Miss in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, college football fans have learned a fair amount about Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s family, too.

On Thursday’s weekly “Hey Coach & The Nick Saban Show,” the Alabama coach shed some light on his relationship with his wife, known as Miss Terry, when it comes to game day planning.

“Miss Terry always wants to blitz more,” Saban said with a laugh.

“I’ve never said this to Miss Terry, but I’m a secondary coach, and secondary coaches that play for coaches who blitz a lot, they end up sleeping under the bridge and twitching, like this,” Saban said while bobbing his head. “‘Cause you’re always putting the back end in a tough situation.

“Now Aunt Fran and my mom, they would be considered the ultimate offensive coordinators because any play that doesn’t work, it’s ‘Who called that play?!’ Saban said. “If it works, it’s fine. But if it doesn’t work, it’s ‘Who called that play?!’

Saban rounded out the segment by rehashing the story he shared earlier this week about his Aunt Katie, who used to send him detailed game plans each week and offered some advice about an Ole Miss game that Saban regrets ignoring.

Alabama-Ole Miss has huge implications on the rest of the season

Saban has a date with Ole Miss this weekend, and it could decide the SEC West. ESPN’s Paul Finebaum offered insight into the game and is particularly interested in the matchup between Saban and his former offensive coordinator, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin.

“The Alabama-Ole Miss game is probably going to decide the West. I mean, Ole Miss has a shot,” stated Finebaum. “They have a coach who’s the only coach that I know of in the SEC that you don’t start the game at a disadvantage. He (Lane Kiffin) has Nick Saban next to a voodoo doll. He just keeps sticking pins in him. That’s what gets him going.

“It’s potentially the shootout of the year in the SEC,” Finebaum added.

With an over/under of 79.5, Vegas clearly thinks a shootout is coming as well. Alabama is a 14.5-point favorite over the Rebels for the game which kicks off at 2:30 p.m. CT on CBS.

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