LeBron James’ confidant drops truth bombs on Kyrie Irving’s personality

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LeBron James is fully aware that Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has found himself in the headlines these days because of his adamant rejection of the COVID-19 vaccine. Because of this, he was forced to skip the Nets’ media day for the second straight year. Irving, however, told reporters...

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Mz Dee Brown

Same right ppl have to not wear masks infecting folks person should have right to take vaccination or not. Long as he get tested that's what should matter.

Claudette Robinson

even though I have the covid-19 shot I believe it should be up to you it's your body how you have the freedom of speech but you cannot tell people what to go into your body how could you have the fifth commandment and people still have to go along with the government now they taking the power away from abortions the world is in slavery black folks is not in it alone but yet they said a Democrats the Republicans want you to take it as well 🙏🏿🌎✍🏾


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