Prince WIlliam Became 'Fragile' As a Young Boy; The Queen Stepped In and Made a Long-Lasting Impact [REPORT]

Cover picture for the articlePrince William is the future monarch to the British throne, and he had spent almost all of his life learning how to become a great leader someday; his passion fueled even more as a young kid when he experienced a tragedy, in which Queen Elizabeth II intervened and helped him get...

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They have already told George he will be King someday and that Granny is the Queen. He doesnt care...he will cross that bridge when it gets here,I think the monarchy is a wonderful tradition that is done so well by the Brits. It blows my mind when you think about it and read the history of it, at how old the monarchy is and how old these traditions have been going on.No one does pomp and ceremony like the Brits!!!!

Sherri Harris

While I understand the monarchy, I, as a citizen of the USA, hardly think that because you were born first... you should be expected to fulfill a role you may not want to fulfill. It should be discussed amongst siblings and train the one that wants the responsibility. Just saying, God Bless the USA. WE vote our leader's in and we vote them out. Though, I do believe Prince William will be an awesome King. And, Catherine is his perfect Queen. But, he has three children now, and he should groom the one most inclined to succeed him, verses forcing the role onto his first born. It is the 21st Century. By the time his kids are to be placed in the ruler's seat he could think things through.


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