WATCH: Houston Astros Fan Gets Body Slammed After Wild On-Field Chase


Two Astros fans gave Houston something to cheer about during the team's 7-0 blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday night.

During the ninth inning, a guy wearing a comically large orange foam cowboy hat and another guy in an Alex Bregman Astros shirt found their way onto the field at Minute Maid Park.

The two dudes ran circles around the ballpark security guards for a few minutes, and Astros fans were living for it. The game had to be paused, but the crowd went crazy as the guys deked out nine security guards.

The duo eventually ran out of steam. A security grabbed hold of the one in the Bregman shirt and body slammed him . After seeing his friend go down, the guy with the cowboy hat gave up and laid down on the field.

The two haven't been identified, but they were escorted off the field in handcuffs.

While Wednesday's game was a dud, if Houston wins Thursday against the Rays, they'll clinch the AL West.

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