Palatine H.S. teacher was fired for her Facebook posts, not defamation, says school board member, BLM activist

Cook County Record
Cook County Record

Cover picture for the articleA current Palatine School Board member and one-time Black Lives Matter activist has pushed back on claims he unfairly accused a Palatine High School teacher of racism, leading to her termination, saying she shouldn’t be allowed to sue him, because he claims it was her own Facebook posts that ultimately led...

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Problem is school districts and schools are run by the extreme left. If you have views slightly right you're a racist and you're fired. Yet you can call whites all the racist names you want and get promoted to a high paying district job. D211 is one of two highest paid employees in the state. Teachers in the high schools make upwards of $135k a year plus more when coaching sports. Two sport teacher is making over $160k a year. Don't believe me? Google teacher salaries in D211. You'll see a list of the teachers names and what they make. You'll be shocked what they make for working 9 months a year. Also their full medical benefits are almost completely covered. I cannot wait until my last child to graduate from D211 so I can move out of state. Highway robbery.

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Hedgepath should not be fired for expressing her views against BLM which is a racist organization and others like them those who claim "white privilege". There is black privilege in the form of preferences, set asides, affirmative action, DEI, and so on. That is the real privilege. Hedgepath is right. I hope the individual board members and McGowan are held personally responsible for their actions. Taxpayers should not foot their bill.


Hedgepath should be fired too. for saying, "ignorant little white boys".


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