Georgia is losing State Troopers. Here’s why

The Georgia Sun
The Georgia Sun
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Thanks to the COVID pandemic, civil unrest and violent crime wave, Georgia’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) has suffered a 60% reduction in the number of state trooper applications over the last 18 months. During a state Senate study committee meeting Thursday, DPS chief of staff Josh Lamb told...

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Eldon Hickey

Wow it's such a shame how things are going but it too shall come to pass and May God protect and keep you all. I know things are about to get worse than they are with the Government is nothing but criminals theirselves and soon they will try to take everything we all own that God himself has blessed us with. I saw the Adgenda of what's going to take place so get ready for the roundup. May God Bless everyone and stay safe out there🙏💗🙏

Jaye Singleton

I wouldn't dare work as a state trooper for some measly $37,000! Georgia are you serious with this low salary for possible death duty?


Nobody in their mind would work in law enforcement for less than $65000 plus all the other perks, health,dental, and after 20 years service at least 75% of salary for retirement.


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