‘The Conners’ Reveals New Untold Details About Roseanne Prior to Her Death

The Conners revealed in 2018 that Roseanne died from an accidental overdose of painkillers. But last night, the popular ABC sitcom gave audiences a look at how the character tried to handle her addiction to opioids.

Darlene found a note her mom wrote in the margins of a Bible in Wednesday’s episode. In it, Roseanne begs God to save her.

“Dear God,” the note reads. “Please take away this pain from my knees and my back. I can’t bear it anymore. I keep turning to the pills, but this is me, turning to you instead. Please help me. I have to keep working — and if you can just do this one thing, I will honor you forever.”

Roseanne wrote the note, we are led to believe, shortly before she swallowed the fatal overdose of pills. It’s the first time the show has given details on her struggle with opioids.

Producers originally planned that storyline to play out in the first season of the Roseanne reboot. Titular star Roseanne Barr told fans that the show would address America’s opioid crisis, though she would have presumably gone to rehab and overcame her addiction. However, ABC fired Barr and canceled Roseanne after Barr had a meltdown on social media and posted several racist tweets.

That prompted producers to kill off her character and retool that show into The Conners, which continued Roseanne‘s tradition of tackling serious subjects with comedy and pathos.

Last season, The Conners addressed the death of Becky’s husband Mark. She revealed that he died in a motorcycle wreck. Glenn Quinn, the actor who played Mark on Roseanne, died of an overdose in 2002.

Jason Alexander Guest Stars on ‘The Conners’

The Conners is bringing in some heavy hitters to make guest appearances in the fourth season of the show. Last night, former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander made his debut on the show as Pastor Phil. He’ll show up in one more episode.

Alexander plays the offbeat and unconventional Pastor Phil. In Wednesday’s episode, Darlene struggles to deal with her breakup from her ex-boyfriend Ben. Phil offers his brand of compassion and tough love after she goes to an AA meeting with her sister Becky that he runs.

It’s Phil’s guidance that leads Darlene, who is an atheist, to look through her mom’s Bible and discover the note.

Alexander described his character as having “quite a self-destructive and unhappy past. He is certainly not without sin.” But that tortuous road to the pulpit gave him compassion as well as a unique perspective.

Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Pastor Phil Talks to Darlene About Finding Faith in God – The Conners (

The Conners boasts several big-name guest stars this season. Patton Oswalt returned to the show in last night’s episode as Lanford City Councilman Don Blanksky. Brian Austin Green returned to the show in the season premiere. He plays Jeff, one of Darlene’s employees at Wellman Plastics.

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and the show is terrible without Roseanne, they made a huge mistake firing her, that new show is NOTHING now......what a waste! I hope that show takes a complete nose dive, I hate what they did to her. She apologized, everyone makes verbal mistakes but taking her out was horrific, shame on you producers, I'll never watch the new show!!!!

Ragnar Lothrum

let's be honest. Roseanne didn't die of an overdose. She was canceled because of her political beliefs.

Brenda Gilpin Snider

I never cared for Roseanne but that was her show not Sara Gilbert or the actress that portrayed Roseanne's sister Jackie.Their now trying to resurrect it since none of them can get acting jobs,all Dan can get is slotomania commercials.If the media had not run her down because of politics the show would still be on.


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