Mayim Bialik Reveals Why She Is No Longer Friends With Neil Patrick Harris

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleMayim Bialik has finally revealed why she and Neil Patrick Harris are no longer friends, and according to the "Big Bang Theory" star, it has a lot to do with her lack of interest in musicals. The 45-year-old actress confessed that in 1997, she watched "Rent," in which Harris...

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It's amazing just how self righteous Bialik seems to be. I understand how proud she is of her own achievements, yet somehow innate she is at lacking understanding of accomplishment for anyone other than herself. That was rather obvious when after Neil Patrick's performance on stage, she would be in the minority by NOT standing to congratulate him while everyone else did. Strange bird, this proud but hard to reconcile Jewish woman. I'm not being racist here, but she in particular seems a difficult person to impress. Obviously her educated stature has made others around her appear very small. Too bad. The world of Narcissism is a hard mountain to navigate around.

Bridget Weekly

Sounds like she was a pretty cruddy friend. Who cares if it's "your thing" or not. You're supposed to be supportive. I really can't stand her anymore.


I'm not a big fan of musicals either. Bleh describes them perfectly. I would have stood for my friend, though. However, I do admire those who are comfortable being honest, friend or not.


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