Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard apologises on-air after viewers receive wrong news

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The Independent

Good Morning Britain star Ben Shephard has apologised after viewers received the wrong news due to a technical glitch.

Shepherd and Kate Garraway addressed the issue on-air this morning (30 September) after viewers at home complained they were receiving the wrong local news for their region.

“Lots of you getting in touch because unfortunately for some reason, the local news that you were just enjoying perhaps might have been from a different region to where you’re waking up this morning,” said Shephard. “Apologies for that.”

The 46-year-old continued: “We’ll try and sort that out to make sure you get the correct news for your region.”

Garraway quipped that the issue may have something to do with crossed wires, adding: “You put the wires in… they need to be better colour coordinated, don’t they? It’s confusing.”

Many viewers took to social media to voice their confusion at the mishap during the ITV breakfast show.

“@GMB why am I getting Central news in London?” asked one user, with another confirming: “I live in London & just watched Central regional news. Not sure what the problem is with your systems but won’t be going to Coventry as it’s raining…”

Someone else wrote: “Local news and weather still not right for our region.”

ITV is not the only broadcaster to be undergoing technical glitches. Viewers have reported recent issues with Channel 4.

Yesterday (29 September), the problems persisted for the broadcaster leaving many viewers unable to watch the finale of the hit reality series Married at First Sight on E4.

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