Troy Aikman Has Warning For Teams Playing The Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys have quickly proven that they have one of the best offenses in the NFL through the first three weeks of the 2021 season. With Dak Prescott back under center and a talented, deep group of skill players, the NFC East club is well positioned to keep pace in...

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Herb Ashley

Don't forget though it was a win against the chargers they had 2 touchdowns called back on penalty and a intercepted pass in the end zone a missed field goal also could of should of they won that game so it don't matter with the bad play of the chargers a victory is a victory. I as a charger fan are not complaining Aikman could have been a different outcome that day. The boys are a good team and with all your complaining about Dak last year and the year before I again say bad offensive line when you are running for your life hard to get a completion what a different QB this year with that line. Again he is a above part QB.

William Thomas

Hahaha!!! His advice is to do what you're supposed to do in pretty much every game. I think these meatheads just like to hear themselves speak.


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