Travis Barker Gushes Over Kourtney Kardashian, Flips the Bird to Scott Disick

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Cover picture for the articleIn case you somehow weren't aware, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are really, really into each other. Like, for their sake, we're kind of hoping this is just a honeymoon phase, because if they sustain this level of mutual obsession they might wind up in the emergency room for severe friction...

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Cajun Gal

Wow, so Kourtney is okay with him disrespecting her children's father ? Once upon a time her and Kendall were the only ones I liked, She's changed and not in a good way..

Lisa Katinas Evans

i know kourt and scott have 3 kids but would you let your ex come and go as he pleases at your or other family members houses? i said from the beginning its not a good thing because nobody is getting closure. we all knew he was still in love with kourt, but worlds apart as far as maturity, and still are. he has no right whatever on judging who she dates unless his kids are in danger or being mistreated. he needs to let kourt go and find someone at least out of diapers to try and build a life with.

WWF advocate

both of these men are toxic lol. she has bad judgment in men or she has a poor selection to choose from. her whole family has bad taste in men. I thought Mr Jenner would have stepped in and redirected them but of course money went to their heads and they don't have any common sense. I spent all that money to make their looks enhanced and can't find a healthy decent man. or they just have really bad taste to the core. I will not waste another moment of my life on any of these people, and when they show up on the commercials I will turn the channel. did not watch the shows as they are all a joke.


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