Britney Spears' Dad Unloads $2.5 Million Property Owned By Pop Star's Estate, Days Before He's Set To Lose His $16k A Month Salary


Cover picture for the articleBritney Spears dad Jamie started selling off property owned by his daughter in the weeks before he’s set to step down as conservator after 13 years. According to official records obtained by The Sun, Jamie sold off $2.5 million worth of land in Louisiana. The property was owned by Britney’s estate,...

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Christine Howard

🤔 With all of the under handed things her father is doing he needs to be put in jail and made to repay every dime that her took from her.


After watching Controlling Britney Spears it was made clear just how deep rooted this whole thing goes. It sounds like even the judges had an interest in keeping her under her fathers conservatorship. Makes you wonder if they were also getting paid off by those controlling Britney’s life and money. It’s seriously sickening. Her millions have been disappearing over the years since it has been in place. So many of them need to be in jail and not getting just a slap on the hand.

Liza Flinton

I mean the BIG IF she has medical conditions I can’t believe a father is taking advantage of his daughter. Taking care her should be endless love not benefitted with a salary. He should be locked up and have to pay her back every penny


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