Tallulah Willis Tearfully Exposes Results Of ‘Botched’ Lip Injections From Her Past


Demi Moore’s daughter, Tallulah Willis, recently shared the results of her botched lip injections in an emotional social media post. The reveal of the botched lip injections was actually part of a series of photos where Tallulah shared several throwbacks of herself taken by paparazzi.

“I try to keep a good boundary with myself to not see/investigate photos of myself online – but every once in a while being masochistic has its perks!” she says, noting that she looks “VERY chaotic” in some of the photos.

Tallulah Willis exposes her botched lip injections from her past

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It was the last image of herself wearing a hat that showcases her botched lip fillers. “I saw a photo of myself post a truly #botched lip injection appointment, where I had been so optimistic a vile of Juvaderm would heal my damaged self perception (it didn’t, it never has, and it never will,” she writes alongside the photo post.

She continues, “The real healing is done through compassionate inner dialogue and actions that support your self care.”
HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA – NOVEMBER 18: Actress Tallulah Belle Willis arrives at the AFI FEST 2019 – Screening Of Apple TV+’s ‘Hala’ held at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres on November 18, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Image Press Agency)

Tallulah has been very open with her following about her struggles with depression and has also suffered from substance abuse in the past. Her following often shares inspiring and encouraging messages with the 27-year-old, which lifts her up when she needs it most. “Loving yourself is a life long journey,” one person writes on her Instagram. Another adds, “Thank you for all that you do.”

In terms of her personal life, Tallulah is engaged to long-term boyfriend Dillon Buss. We hope things continue to look up for Tallulah!

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Mark Gerrard

So Demi More had her by herself? With a last name of Willis one would think it was her and her ex husband BRUCE WILLIS but they didn't say it that I saw. He is 10 times more famous than she ever was .


blah blah blah, so many hypocritical women always talk about natural beauty, then tell this story why?

Sheila Walker

For every success in these kind of surgeries their is failures in these surgeries you're paying the cost for your decision, No Sympathy here for decision live with it.


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