Robert Kraft called Bill Belichick the ‘biggest f–king a–hole in my life’

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleTrouble in paradise, or the grumblings of an annoyed co-worker?. A new book, “It’s Better to Be Feared” by ESPN writer Seth Wickersham, explores the Patriots dynasty through hundreds of sources and interviews that reveal the secretive inner workings of the team from 2001-19. The book suggests the relationship between owner...

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Jim Adair

Say what you will but wins are wins. Winning consistently requires good players and good coaches. A dropped ball here or a missed tackle or field goal can be the difference. You don't win without talent both in players and coaches.

Rob Downer

you all are going to find out belichick is going to be exposed as a fraud...he was never a good coach... Brady made him and he knew it....he will retire within w years....because worl will see he cannot win without brady.....that's why every coach in patriots org. went other places and fail..... it's all a fraud..... the players make coaches in the nfl....not the other way around....


Tom Brady was drafted by New England at 199th pick. Tom Brady owes his career to Bill Belicheck or he wouldn't have been selected. Bill designed his offense around Tom Brady. They both contributed to each other's success! Last night a rookie QB (Mac Jones) performed better than Tom Brady and did it without near the protection that Brady had. Brady's pass completion was about 50% while Jones's was about 77% with 19 completed in a row that hasn't been accomplished in 30yrs. New England defense couldn't stop run from the Bucs and the Bucs couldn't stop New England's passing game. Looks like Bill Belicheck's game plan worked as good with a rookie as it did for Brady.


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