Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

Cover picture for the articleExtremely common these days. When you feel tired after a day of work, have frequent colds or infections, are unable to lose excess weight no matter how hard you try, it could be that there is not enough Vitamin D in your body. The good news is that the solution might...

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Vitamin D is very important to your health and mood.....I wonder why they scared people to stay home for just over 1.5 years knowing it was going to make people sick... this season build it back before the winter.... your immune system has been compromised by a mask and a lockdown and further by a rushed Gene therapy. Start taking your vitamins...B,C,D, and Zinc... Tonic water if you can...


Vitamin d 3 is usually for those who don't get enough sunlight, aka vampires lol My youngest child has to take because blood test showed he has deficiency. Instead of having to take pill go outside in sunlight, its pretty simple. I'm putting my child outside in the sun like a 🪴 doing outside activities even though he would rather be sitting on playstation gaming with friends while chatting online. lmfao


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