Cris Carter predicts NFL legend will be the next Florida State head coach

Cover picture for the articleCris Carter predicts that former NFL great and Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders, AKA Coach Prime will return to his alma mater to be the next Florida State head coach. “I love what Prime (Deion Sanders) is about,” Carter told Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden on the Sept. 23 edition...

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100% blackman

now all of a sudden fsu may want prime he was available when they needed a new coach didn't even think about it now they see what he is doing every one wants to jump on the bandwagon typical bull a lot of these black coaches need to follow coach prime and help build and bring their back the glory of hbcu's the nfl went there for talent and the ala lsu aub tex nd ok of the world came pilfering hbcu's thru their recruiting black athletes if black lives really matter then it's time we start to support our hbcu's and coach prime Eddie George and all the coaches trying to make a difference in our black community stay put coach prime

Bless One

As a FSU fan he can't do any worst than Norvell. Should have kept Coach Taggert.

Onlychina Doll

Mannn FSU can’t win every game n can’t be called a champions all ya life… I guess if he’s nothing like Bobby y’all going to fire him also…. Please stop trying GO GATORS


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