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North Korea fires missile as its UN envoy condemns 'hostile' US policy

The Hill
The Hill
 18 days ago
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North Korea fired a missile Tuesday while their envoy to the United Nations was condemning the U.S. for its “hostile” policies towards the country.

The missile was fired from Jagang into the sea off the country’s east coast, Reuters reported.

The test came as North Korea's U.N. envoy, Kim Song, was speaking at the U.N. General Assembly saying the U.S. needed to end its “hostile” policy, at which point the country would "willingly at any time" restart talks about its nuclear program, according to Reuters.

"But it is our judgment that there is no prospect at the present stage for the U.S. to really withdraw its hostile policy," Kim said.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said North Korea appeared to fire a ballistic missile and Japan was tightening its surveillance, The Associated Press reported.

"We regret that the missile was fired at a time when it was very important to stabilize the situation of the Korean peninsula," South Korean defense ministry spokesman Boo Seung-chan said after North Korea’s test.

It was the third weapons test in September by North Korea, which has lashed out at the U.S. and South Korea for condemning the tests.

Tuesday's test comes after South Korean President Moon Jae-in called in his U.N. address for a formal end to the Korean War. North Korea balked at the request, saying again that it would only talk once U.S. policy toward the country changes.

“I believe only when fairness and mutual respect can be maintained smooth communication between the North and the South can take place,” Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ’s sister, said in regards to having another summit with South Korea.

However, Kim seemed to signal an openness for resuming international talks over the weekend.

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Joseph Herrera
18d ago

they have fired several missiles and we go "what was that"....but yet never see any action by the us.....but Afghanistan or any part of the Pakistan Israel nation does any's spread across headlines ......and quick action is taken...."guess that's how much we bank on the crude oil day this greed is going to "hit us hard" when we are not expecting....cause one day that missle may land on U.S soil ....just saying ...

Johnny Walters
18d ago

The reason for calling them hostile is simple when given an inch they immediately try to take a mile. Trump okayed nuclear power plants and a satellite be launched to improve their communications and overall quality of life and immediately started try to be sneaky with what they were building with the uranium. So all this crying about how they aren't being treated fairly and with respect? Respect is not given it is earned 💯

18d ago

IDK man I can just feel some type of major tragedy coming.


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