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New York City, NY

Thousands of hospital workers could be fired as New York COVID vaccine mandate goes into effect

CBS News
CBS News
 18 days ago

Cover picture for the articleNew York's state mandate ordering health care workers to get the COVID vaccine went into effect Monday at midnight. Some hospital networks including Northwell Health have already fired more than two dozen health care workers. Others will have 30 days to get a COVID vaccine or lose their jobs. Officials...

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Pecos Bill
18d ago

Do it! But there better not be ONE article regarding a shortage of employees at the hospitals! Those folks, LIKE HERE, have been working JUST FINE through the virus onslaught and no one had a problem until there was covid dollars involved!

18d ago

They've been working since day one and now are being forced to take a drug in the early testing stages or be fired. Makes sense........🙄

Michelle Domarsky
17d ago

Really makes sense to fire hospital employees during a so called "pandemic". These same people who were called heros last year.


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