Drivers think NASCAR should have stepped in at Bristol

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Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott made contact in a NASCAR Playoff race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Elliott went from battling for the race win to making a green flag pit stop. When Elliott returned to the track, he entered three laps down, right behind race leader Kevin Harvick. Quickly, Elliott passed...

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Izabel Plato

NASCAR is turning into a bigger and better joke I used to belong to NASCAR myself but now I barely even watch the races

Tyrone Shultz

that's raceing if it was the other way around and same sanario harvick would have done same thing and nothing would have been said about it harvick what a big baby he didn't win 😭

Jonathan Countryman

Harvick could have chose to look past him and take a run underneath...but instead he chose to look at the hooter and ride right up behind him. Elliot went from being a possible race winner to 3 laps down because Harvick couldn't find it in him to leave a lane open when they where side by side. Learn to take it when you always dish it.karma comes around sooner than later sometimes


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