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Contradicting Biden, top generals say they recommended a small force stay in Afghanistan

NBC News
 17 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — Top military leaders said Tuesday that they had recommended to President Joe Biden that the U.S. keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan even after the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline, contradicting the president's assertion last month that his advisers did not tell him to leave a small military presence in the country.

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George Green
16d ago

Wow, listening to the hearing, someone got to everyone and they're all singing the same song now. Either that or face the Brigg. Circling the Wagons. 2500 and Bagram, lowered to 650 and no Bagram by the State Department, lowered to 0 by the State Department. Recall the State Department gave us Benghazi, the Egyptian Revolution, the Crimera Annexation and so on. What a difference between the Administrations. "We or no nation has ever faced anything like this before." Really 🤪. France, Vietnam, Foreign Legion? Britton, Egypt and India? America, the fall of Saigon? Oh come now General Secretary of Defense Austin. Surely you can do better than that.

Silver Chief
17d ago

Biden claims he has NO recollection on anything relating to the impromptu exiting out of Kabul.

17d ago

Biden, Austin, Sullivan, Milley, Blinken all should be arrested and charged with treason.


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