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‘NCIS’: Gibbs Uttering a Signature Catchphrase to Open Season 19, Episode 2 Has Fans Losing It
 20 days ago
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After the NCIS season 18 finale, we didn’t know if Special Agent Gibbs would be back. And our hearts sunk when we imagined a world without his ever-lasting wisdom. Over the summer, rumors started swirling around the fate of Mark Harmon’s character. Harmon had been with the series since its first episode in 2003. And the actor had mentioned that he was thinking about retiring from the show. Then in May, the season 18 cliffhanger presented the perfect exit. In the episode, Gibbs’s boat exploded his chance of survival looked slim.

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Bekah Cooper
19d ago

Loved it! Did anyone else catch Fornel call the journalist "Mindy" before Gibbs corrected him? Talk about a blast from the past, what a great nod to Pam Dawber!


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